Night Markets

Night Markets


Night Markets in Taiwan have an enormous selection of street food and treats (yum!), mostly sold from stalls that specialize in one thing.  They also contain a number of sit-down restaurants, clothing stores, souvenirs, toys and novelty items, arcades, massage parlors…

This Category will focus on the most common single item street food stalls, leaving the flavor options and large-menu stalls for later.

By the way, you will notice a few items which, though written in Chinese, are called by their local Taiwanese names.  For instance, 肉圓 would be pronounced ㄖㄡˋ ㄩㄢˊ in Mandarin, but is called by its Taiwanese name, “bawan” by the locals.  (It was invented in Taiwan, so this is probably the original name.)

Though the Taiwanese language uses the same characters for writing, it has a completely different pronunciation system than Mandarin Chinese; which of course isn’t worth learning just to pronounce a few dozen food items.  That’s why for these foods, I have included native-speaker audio on the “pronunciation” side of the card, so you can just listen and repeat.

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