Drink Stands

Drink Stands


Tea stands are a common sight in Taiwan; almost every street corner has one.  In addition to mainstays like Bubble Tea, Medicinal Grass Jelly, and various fruit/tea mixes, they also carry many of the common brands of green, black, oolong, and other teas well-known in Asia.  Everything can be ordered hot or cold, with milk or without, and with whatever sugar level and ice level you desire.  Just like most other drink stands, they all have that neat little drink-sealing machine that keeps your drink perfectly contained, until you’re ready to plung your straw through the top!

One of my favorite chains is COMEBUY, because they make every cup of tea fresh, with an espresso machine!  Their pearls are made using a healthier process too, which can become important if you happen to get addicted to Bubble Tea!

If you find yourself in Taiwan during the cold months, give HOT Bubble Tea a try!  Honey Lemon Tea hits the spot as well, and is said to be good for staving off a cold.

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