Real Chinese Food

Phase 2: Food!

In Phase II, we are going to learn about food!  Aside from being the most important subject in day-to-day life, learning food allows you the chance to pick up lots of Vocabulary in a fun and interesting way, and without requiring any knowledge of grammar.  That’s why it’s the perfect subject for beginners.  You get the most bang for your buck!

The flashcard deck for this unit can be found in the Flashcards Deluxe Shared Library, under the name DLB Chinese Phase II: Food.  Hopefully you know how to download these decks by now.

And remember, you can learn new vocabulary as quickly or as slowly as you want, but the one thing you must always do is review your old Flashcards every day.  If you’re diligent with your studies, you should be able to easily learn new Vocabulary at the rate of 50-100 new words, every single day!  Just don’t skip a day of review, or you will have to start over scratch.  If Flashcards Deluxe tells you that you have X cards Due, review them first before you learn anything else!

Food Quest!

While learning all the 1000+ food vocabulary cards on this website is a great goal to reach eventually, any normal person would, at some point, start to long for some real human interaction.  As they say, “A man does not live by Taiwanese food alone”.

That’s why I’m setting a specific Quest of learning only SEVEN categories of food, before moving on to Phase III.  Just as in Phase I, this could be done in seven days by a committed full-time learner, but will probably take two to three weeks for most people.

To choose which categories you will learn, browse through the list of food and restaurant categories below, watch the videos for each style of restaurant (the one’s I’ve completed making, anyway), and then make your choices.  All the categories in this list can be found in the flashcard deck you just downloaded, though without the English name (get used to it!).  Of course, the Essentials category should be completed by everyone.  Good luck, and don’t eat too much! XD



Night Markets 夜市

Frog Egg Stands 蛙孵蛋

Bubble Tea 珍珠奶茶

Fruit Juice 果汁

Snowflake Ice 雪花冰

Hot Sweet Soup 熱甜湯

Heart Tapioca Balls 包心粉圓

Shave Ice 刨冰

Condiments, Flavors & Toppings 調味料

Self-Serve Style 自助式

Braised Pork Rice 魯肉飯

Beef Noodle Soup 牛肉麵

Dumplings 水餃

Soy Milk Breakfast 豆漿店

Congee 米粥

Hong Kong BBQ 燒臘

Teahouses 茶館

Fried Noodles & Rice 炒麵飯

Sesame Oil Restaurants 麻油店

Seafood 海鮮

Angelica Duck 當歸鴨

Braised Turkey Rice 火雞肉飯

Duck Blood 鴨血

Hakka Food 客家食物

Live Seafood 活海鮮


The first Category of flashcards just contains a few useful phrases that might come into play during just about every meal, like “eat here”, “to go”, and “restroom”; as well as a number of words that appear on most every menu, like “large/medium/small”, “hot/cold”, and “a la carte”.

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