Basic Phrases

Basic Phrases

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You can’t really call yourself a student of Chinese until you know all the most common basic phrases.  These phrases will not only allow you to get around in China and Taiwan; they will give you an opportunity to practice your pronunciation using the Zhuyin characters that you learned in the previous two lessons.

No problem.
*If someone apologizes to you.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
You’re welcome!
My name’s Doug.
What’s your name?
Please say again?
Nice to meet you!
Where are you from?
I am American.
*Feel free to look up the word for YOUR country, and add a flashcard to say that word instead ^^
I’m an English teacher.
*Again, look up the word for YOUR occupation, and add that flashcard to your deck.
How do you say “___” in Chinese?
I don’t understand.
I don’t know.
Where is the bathroom?
I want this.
*Good when you are buying something.
How much does this cost?
I’m hungry.
You want to go eat?
Okay. Good.
*Another way to say “yes” to an offer, or just “okay” when someone tells you something.
You want it or not?
I want it.
*A way to say “yes” if someone asks if you want something.
I like it!
You want?
I don’t want it.
*For saying “no” to an offer. Often said by screaming children as well.
I won’t use it.
*A more masculine way to say “no” to an offer.
Can you speak Chinese?
I can speak a little Chinese!
How are you?
*Actually, Chinese speakers tend to reserve this question for friends and family, because it’s considered a bit personal. However, so many Chinese 101 textbooks teach the phrase, that everyone will expect you to know it from day one!
Very good, thank you. And you?
*The TEXTBOOK answer to the question above!
I’m so-so.
I’m tired.
I feel bad/sick/weird…
Where do you want to go?
Go straight.
Here is okay.
Emergency! Help!
Call the police!
I would like a glass of beer.

Flashcards Time!! XD

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You can find the flashcards for these phrases in the Flashcards Deluxe Shared Library.  In the app, go to Decks and press the “+” sign, then Shared Library >> Search and type “DLB Chinese” into the search bar.  Then find the one that says “DLB Chinese Phase I: Basic Phrases”.

Once downloaded, lets change some settings.  Using the Back button in the top left, go back to the main screen.  Select the deck you just downloaded (DLB Chinese Phase I: Basic Phrases), and then select the gear icon in the top right.  From there, select:

Card Order Spaced Repetition


Show Side First Alternate



Now you’re ready to learn some real Chinese!  Derp!

Today’s Quest

Download the Basic Phrases flashcards, and go through them until you’ve moved all fifty from “New” to “Active”.  When they come up “Due” tomorrow, hit ‘em again.

Great job making it this far!  You’re speaking Chinese like a pro!  Tomorrow we will venture into the magical world of Chinese characters, also known as 「ㄏㄢˋ ㄗˋ」. 😀

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